Things are never as they seem

Ciao Chums,

Away on business, all a bit hush-hush – not a word to Betsy now. See you next week.

All a bit waterlogged



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2 Responses to Things are never as they seem

  1. Patty C says:

    Ha! She is in Venice floating about and delving into magnificent art – as a pretense for her clandestine very important work for her country, and perhaps for all of Europe as well. Who knows, she may be saving the entire world from mass catastrophe! Viva la Muriel!

  2. Moira Taylor says:

    You have left us a couple of clues Muriel –
    The use of Italian language – ah you must be in Glasgow!
    Ah but then you show us a photo of a canal – got it! You are in Birmingham!
    Nothing gets past me.
    See you soon,

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