The Festive Quiz of 1957

Muriel and Jasper

Well chums it’s that time of the year again when we discover who is “Mastermind” and who needs to stick in more and do some revision. As an incentive, there will of course be prizes.

And by way of assistance click here to begin. It doesn’t mean you will find the answers, but it’s a starting point for you and gives beginners to the ways of marvellousness an opportunity to see what they have missed all of their lives.

Who will be top of the class this year?

1. Why should you never arrive early to a party according to the rules of marvellousness laid down by Muriel?

Muriel looking simply marvellous

2.  The first ever Country House Concert at Lady Pentland-Firth’s estate took place on Twelfth Night. Why was it so important that this was a success, and how did Muriel ensure that it got good reviews?

Home of The Pentland-Firths

3. At the end of January Sebastian and Dimitri got into trouble over some brass rubbings in the Necropolis. Who got them out of prison and why was it so important for Sebastian to leave Scotland in February?

Cunard’s Queen Mary

4. In March, Mrs Travers was persuaded to get involved in a rather unusual activity – what was it, who persuaded her and why?

Mrs T displaying her aura

5. Why did Muriel transgress during Lent?

My silver cocktail sticks

6. In April 2017, Sebastian was asked to open an exhibition in Glasgow. Who curated this exhibition, where was it held, what was it about and how did Muriel feature in this exhibition? Bonus question  – why was Sebastian so upset by the Lord Provost of Glasgow?

Cape worn by Sebastian as Richard III found in the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr

7. Who is Claire Voyant and how did she get mixed up with Lord Pentland-Firth?

The late Lord Pentland-Firth

8. Why does Jasper carry a clothes peg with him in the summer?

Jasper – man of linen

9. At the end of June on Route 7  there was a tragic bus crash in Oxford Street, London. Who was one of the casualities?

10. In August, the elderly Sebastian revealed some interesting information about a trip to Liverpool made by Muriel and Jasper in that same month 60 years ago. Who did Muriel meet at a church fete there and how did it effect the future development of British culture?

The beloved Humber Super Snipe

11. How did Muriel and Lady Pentland-Firth ensure Bunty Haystack did not “spill the beans”?

“And so Bunty…”

12. What apparently happened to Hilda at Hallowe’en, how did Mrs T get involved and why did the Handsome Stranger appear on the scene?

a rare photograph of The Handsome Stranger

So there you have it. You now have until 3rd  January to get your answers in – please email them to the lovely Jackie, Secretary to Muriel and Jasper at

The answers will be published on 8th January along with the names of the winners. Inventive answers are always interesting but of course Muriel and Jasper’s decision is final.


The Narrator


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6 Responses to The Festive Quiz of 1957

  1. Patty C across The Pond says:

    As the witching hour draws nigh, I have scribbled 8 answers, yet must concede that this is a year I, Head Honcho across The Pond, will not be in contention as a quiz whiz winner.

  2. Patty C says:

    Mon dieu…chers chéris, tis 17:35 and I am at the local coffee shop atryin to find the elusive answers to this year’s marvelous quiz, answers requiring much back reading of bon mots that I let slide along the way. Not one to make resolutions, I am inclined to resolve to be more attentive and prompt following the marvelous one…after all, I do have cogent, precise and awfully timely responses to offer. Why deprive you because of my laziness? Like Mu, I am always thinking of others. toddles, onward and upward, inward and sideway. eeeeegad!

    Just sign me:
    Busy indeed, in ol’ Virginny

  3. Christine / Three Women says:

    Inventive answers? I’ll have to invent mine as I’m sadly behind on reading.

  4. Louise Lewis (Lady from the right side of Carlisle) says:

    Bonne année, mes chéries,

    May one wish you much ‘marvellousness’ and beaucoup de ‘je ne sais quoi’ in 1958! One RAWTHER hopes we will once more get to glimpse darling Sebastian in his bona Richard III cape – no one does Richard like Sebastian (not even Sir Larry – or so I’m told). One does so miss Sebastian and his theatricality, being of a ‘very theatrical’ nature oneself…….once a thesp; always a thesp vous savez! Of course, one does occasionally rendezvous avec darling Dimitri but it’s all very hush-hush. He likes to take my advice on his grand battement…..and who am I to refuse such enormous talent……?!

    One will close the year that was 1957 simply by saying that one has given one’s all to this year’s Festive Quiz and I’m all in and all out of Gin, chums, I don’t mind telling you! One’s comprehensive and well-researched answers are in the post and should have reached you by now at the rural bolt hole (one did slip young Gordon my postman a little extra something in his Christmas box to ensure a speedy service – he’s usually very obliging) for Muriel’s perusal.

    Yours hopelessly devoted to Mu and ‘marvellousness’,
    Lulu xxxx

  5. Lucy Garden says:

    Inventive answers are “always interesting” – oh dear, my attempts at humour clearly don’t always go down well! I’ll try to be more – what is the word – delicate? But that picture of Mrs T wearing MY Balmain dress once again gets my blood pressure up!

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