The Quiz Answers

So here we go – the answers for Festive Quiz of 1957.

1.Why should you never arrive early to a party according to the rules of marvellousness laid down by Muriel?

All set for the guests

If you arrive early, you look desperate which suggests you have no other friends. 

2.  The first ever Country House Concert at Lady Pentland-Firth’s estate took place on Twelfth Night. Why was it so important that this was a success, and how did Muriel ensure that it got good reviews?

Cousin Lulubelle was aware of the imminent bankruptcy of Lady Pentland-Firth if the concert failed and was waiting in the wings, so to speak, to move in on the estate for the development of condominiums. 

Cousin Lulubelle

Muriel and Lady P-F organised a lunch time reception for the Press at the Half Moon Bar at  The Central Hotel where the malt whisky was accompanied by a glimpse inside the account book from “Busty Betty’s”.

3. At the end of January Sebastian and Dimitri got into trouble over some brass rubbings in the Necropolis. Who got them out of prison and why was it so important for Sebastian to leave Scotland in February?

Lady Patience Charity Pentland-Firth arrives at the police station

Lady Pentland-Firth got them out of prison, reminding the Inspector that once upon a time she and he had been well acquainted.

Sebastian had to leave Scotland on account of his being not just theatrical, but very theatrical which having been in “The Service” left him open to blackmail.

4. In March, Mrs Travers was persuaded to get involved in a rather unusual activity – what was it, who persuaded her and why?

Mrs T – moved by the spirits

It was a séance and it was the crime writer Bunty Haystack who persuaded her to hold it, because Miss Haystack was doing research for a new book involving the supernatural and wanted first hand experience of a séance. 

5. Why did Muriel transgress during Lent?

My silver cocktail sticks

Muriel had given up the use of her silver cocktail sticks over Lent. She was in Paisley at a reception where small sausages where passed round without any means of eating them except with one’s fingers. The very thought! Fortunately Muriel had them in her handbag, as she was taking them to the Rural Bolthole for Mrs Travers to clean, this giving her something to do in the evening. Rather than use her fingers, she used one of the silver cocktail sticks.

6. In April 2017, Sebastian was asked to open an exhibition in Glasgow. Who curated this exhibition, where was it held, what was it about and how did Muriel feature in this exhibition? Bonus question  – why was Sebastian so upset by the Lord Provost of Glasgow?

It was curated by Dr Vivienne Valhalla, “uber curator”. It was held in the Museum of Fashion, soon to be known as “Mofash” and it was about capes. The recreation of the Wylie drawing room, complete with the walnut cocktail cabinet, was a highlight along with some of the capes worn by Muriel and an article from 1957 written by her on the subject of capes and cloaks.

A Muriel Wylie Cape in the reconstructed drawing room

The Lord Provost described the Muriel as “some old wee Glasgow wifey”. Sebastian put him right with the following riposte  – She was not ‘some’ Glasgow wifey! She  was some Glasgow lady – who meant business!

7. Who is Claire Voyant and how did she get mixed up with Lord Pentland-Firth?

The late Lord Pentland-Firth

Claire was the mistress of Lord “Salty” Pentland-Firth. She eventually discovered he was selling naval secrets to the Comrades and threatened to expose him and the Comrades. This sealed the fate of them both. Lord P-F was bumped off during the F.A.F.S.  lunch, but Claire got away and has been on the run ever since. Her apparent new found calling may be her undoing.

8. Why does Jasper carry a clothes peg with him in the summer?

Jasper and his panama hat

He uses it to peg his panama hat to the waistband of his trousers so that he does not lose it when he enters a building.

9. At the end of June on Route 7  there was a tragic bus crash in Oxford Street, London. Who was one of the casualities?

Claire Voyant

10. In August, the elderly Sebastian revealed some interesting information about a trip to Liverpool made by Muriel and Jasper in that same month 60 years ago. Who did Muriel meet at a church fete there and how did it effect the future development of British culture?

Sebastian on his favourite subject, Aunt Muriel

Muriel met a young Paul McCartney and thanks to her he was introduced to John Lennon and his group The Quarrymen. Muriel unconsciously gave the boys some ideas for songs which were later very successful, particularly asking them to remember her when she was 64.

11. How did Muriel and Lady Pentland-Firth ensure Bunty Haystack did not “spill the beans”?

Lady P-F does not mince her words

Bunty Haystack has done extremely well in the Flower and Fete Show (F.A.F.S.) having come first in all categories and become champion of champions – the first time an incomer has won everything since 1908. This has earned her the right to be Honorary Vice President for Life with a non executive seat on the committee and instant elevation to the secret Conclave of Puddings and Petunias (C.P.P.)

Membership of the C.P.P. means Bunty must never speak or write about F.A.F.S. or else she will be brought before her peers and following trial by tray bake, should there be a guilty verdict  will be debarred from every Flower Show and Rural Women’s organisation in the country,. 

This is a price no woman is prepared to pay.

12. What apparently happened to Hilda at Hallowe’en, how did Mrs T get involved and why did the Handsome Stranger appear on the scene?

Hilda, the German vomin vot did zee heavy vork, appeared to be caught in the man-trap in the Woodlanders’ Museum. For this, Mrs T was arrested for her murder because it was known that Hilda had tried to take over Mrs T’s position of superiority in the Wylie household during a bout of Asian ‘flu and they had been heard arguing at a later date.

led away

It turned out that Hilda had not been murdered. It was just a bundle of clothing, a sort of female “Guy Fawkes”  dressed to look like one of the characters from a Black Forest cuckoo clock with a remarkably life-like mask that would fool anyone into believing it was a real body. Once this was realised by the police, the Handsome Stranger made his presence known and with cars standing by ensured that Mrs T was released.

Well done to all of you for taking part and here’s to 1958 and another year of marvellousness and je ne sais quoi.


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3 Responses to The Quiz Answers

  1. Muriel Wylie says:

    Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to those who took part but were unable to get the answers right or come up with sufficiently amusing alternative answers.
    Here once again is a reminder of those who carried off the prizes.

    Champion of Champions – the Muriel and Jasper Cup: The lady from the right side of Carlisle, Louise Lewis.
    The Lady Pentland-Firth Trophy for second prize: Matthew Bate and Anne Denniston.
    The Sebastian Rose Bowl for runners up: Moira Taylor and Lucy Garden.
    The THS prize for International diplomacy where this winner has displayed excellence in research: Patty Cargill, Head Honcho of the USA M&J Fan Club
    The Mrs Travers Prize for Fiction: Christine Buxton.

  2. Louise Lewis (Lady from the right side of Carlisle) says:

    Chérie Muriel,

    One step closer to marvellousness, dwaalings, one step closer to Muriel! Many congratulations to all the chums who have once again demonstrated true devotion and dedication to Mu – well done on your wins! One looks forward to meeting you all at the prize-giving ceremony. One must confess that one is still floating on a cloud of ‘marvellousness’ and hovering in a haze of ‘je ne sais quoi’ following one’s bona First Prize victory in the Festive Quiz 1957. One has made the hat trick, vous savez……!!

    One will be simply overjoyed to receive The Muriel & Jasper Cup. One is already planning one’s outfit for the occasion… thinks a gownless evening strap, a cape and bona brooch would be fitting. Maintenant, one must get back to practising one’s acceptance speech and one’s curtsying…..”Jeeves, be a love and open another bottle of Champers, would you…..!”

    Yours feeling utterly marvellous,
    Lulu xxxx

  3. Patty C says:

    The above reaffirms my insight of 11:59 p.m. Janvier 3: one cannot be a casual follower of the exremely intricate musings/bon mots/unfolding of the lives of the simply Marvelous One & entourage IF one wants to be a part of that small, intimate core of insiders who wish to banter with and,at the end of the year, be part of the Marvy Quiz Whiz elite. One can make a valiant effort to “cram” for the quiz;however, as I distinctly remember in Organic Chemistry during “boola boola” college days, cramming won’t suffice.

    The postings of TSMM&J are très amusant, which can never be said of Organic Chemistry. Cheers and “Laissez les bons temps rouler” in the new year!

    Just sign moi:
    Dedicating Myself Anew in ol’ Virginny

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