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Muriel is always up to date with the Talk of the Town.
Muriel is always up to date with the Talk of the Town.


Watchnight Service

Marvellous as always – Jasper read the lesson, he does so remind one of Stewart Grainger. I of course was asked to sing descant; people said it made the night, my top C in Hark the Herald Angels apparently was “unforgettable”. As I said when shaking hands with the Minister, “please don’t make a fuss of me, we must all make the best of our talents and dear Reverend Goodbody it is after all someone else’s birthday”.

Elegance at all time, Ladies

Now ladies I know you have barely had time to draw breath and strip the turkey but we must think ahead to the January sales. I know it is a daunting thought but fear not Muriel will be on hand to guide you. Once you have cleared away from Christmas  Lunch, served coffee, put the turkey on for soup, set up the afternoon tea trolley, warmed the mince pies and prepared the cut and come again cold buffet in the dining room, you can sit down, and have a glass of Maderia.  That is once you have changed your dress and touched up the old war paint. After all the man in your life does not want to see Mrs Drudge does he? The rest of Christmas day is your own.

A Bientot,  dear friends and a happy New Year from moi.

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