Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

What a busy week this has been dear readers as we count down the last days to Christmas. I have been rushed off my Raynes, or as some of dear Jasper’s more colourful relatives would have it, “ma heid has been up ma jumper”. Having said that, I am so well organised for Christmas I could almost feel smug. The decorations in my shop and in our two homes are so tasteful, I am lost for superlatives myself. As my cousin Lulubelle would say “of course Muriel all your eggs have double yokes”.

The Drinks’ Party

All is well in the kitchen. Mrs Travers, my daily woman who does but not a lot, has been boiling and baking for Britain. Tomorrow of course is my drinks’ party. My cheese straws are a highlight. Well to be fair, Mrs Travers does the manual work but I inspire and garnish. Jasper of course will be serving his famous champagne cocktails, which reminds me, I must telephone my grocer for some maraschino cherries.

Out and About – Advice for a Prima Ballerina

On Friday night dear Jasper and I attended a gala performance of Swan Lake at the King’s Theatre where Jasper’s nephew, Sebastian, who has friends in the Royal Ballet, who have  danced with Margot Fonteyn. As I said afterwards, “Margot darling that arabesque was not one of your best. You need a tonic. Let me suggest some B-max on your grape-nuts”. Margot was so grateful to have my nutritional advice; it brought a tear to her eye. I could tell she was gritting her teeth with gratitude.

A Trifle too Much

The after theatre dinner party was at the RSAC club in Blythswood Square, always one of Jasper’s favourite haunts. We had the usual table.  I had Sole Veronique which was a tad overcooked, despite my tutoring the chef, Anton, only last month. The awful Forsyths shared our table with Margot and Sebastian. Millie Forsyth looked simply ghastly in that dress she seems so fond of. I had to say something, “Millie”, I cautioned with tact and diplomacy, “that dress is so draining you look as if you’ve spent the morning at the embalmer’s rather than Raymondo’s Salon; cerise is so unforgiving and a cut on the bias is too risky when you over 60 and 20 stone”. Trouble is Millie loves her sherry trifle. One does what one can.

Giving Generously

Saturday saw me leading the Guild of Shepherdesses in distributing toys at The Church of The Good Shepherd Bazaar. What a joy it was to see their little faces opening all those unwanted and broken toys from the cupboards of Kelvinside. I am sure it is quite easy to find missing Meccano and a spare doll’s arm. Afterwards it was a welcome cup of Earl Grey (committee table only) and some of the most delicious tray bakes I have ever had the pleasure of tasting (it was Madame President who reminded me that it was I who had in fact supplied the baking – silly moi!) The Minister’s wife was kind enough to say “Muriel no matter how busy you are, you always have time to give more.” I was forced to remind her that we are instructed to “suffer the little children”. I find the more I give, the more I get back, except of course, when Jasper mistakenly discounted the oak nests of tables we had rather overbought. Never mind one lives and learns.

A bientot and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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