Welcome to the Simply Marvellous World of Muriel and Jasper

The ever loving couple

We are Muriel and Jasper Wylie, champions of good taste and elegance; your only port of call for all that you need to know about how to live the good life in 1950’s Scotland.

Our simply marvellous world is exactly 60 years behind yours.

We will delight you with our insight into how to live a life of glamour and fabulousness and most important the art of being “Simply Marvellous”. We will also keep you up to date with all that is happening as we progress through the decade that is often known as the Fabulous 50s.

Join us – it’s 1958.

Toodle pip

Muriel and Jasper

To begin at the beginning of Muriel and Jasper’s adventure through the 1950s, join them as they prepare for Christmas 1952  here.

However, if you wish to follow them on their journey through 1957, please go to Talk of the Town where you will find the latest instalment on their “Simply Marvellous” life. Bon voyage, readers.

The best way to get in touch with Muriel and Jasper is to contact Artemis Scotland Ltd, who deal with all correspondence. Please click here.

4 Responses to Welcome to the Simply Marvellous World of Muriel and Jasper

  1. patteecee says:

    Yes! L’artiste extraordinaire of Roanoke, John Reburn, just informed me this week that he had met you when you visited our fair city. I am green with envy…Kelly green?! À bientôt…

  2. patteecee says:

    Darlings, you are making this cold, very wet January in southwest Virginia so much more tolerable. Many thanks.

    • Muriel and Jasper Wylie says:

      Dear Pattee,

      We are only too delighted to bring a little sunshine into your dark days in Virginia. We visited your part of the world some years ago but fortunately in the Spring when the sun shone and blossoms were abundant.

      Toodle pip for now

      Muriel and Jasper

  3. alyne says:

    Can I join in? will you lend me a frock?

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